The Viral Content Accelerator 2.0

A high-touch accelerator to equip you with the mindset, habits, and strategies to grow your blog without hustling 24/7.  

You took a bold step to start a blog.

And you're not just doing it for fun.

You want to turn it into a real, profitable business.

Because working a 9 to 5 isn't enough for you.

You want more income, more freedom, more impact.

So you put your heart and soul into every post.

You've invested in a handful of blogging courses.

You think you're following the right steps.

But it’s not as simple as it it?

You know that blogging isn't about writing posts and hoping for the best.

You have to research what people want to read.

You have to publish quality posts consistently.

Then, there's that dreaded thing called SEO.

It's not sexy, but you know it's important.

Because traffic is the lifeblood of your blog.

Not just any traffic.

Targeted traffic from the exact people who need you...

✔️ Traffic that signs up for your email list

✔️ Traffic that draws in raving fans.

✔️ Traffic purchases from your affiliate links.

You know how important traffic is.

It's like oxygen for your blog.

But you just can't find the time to focus on SEO.

Or maybe it just seems so complicated.

So you brainstorm post ideas.

You're plugging keywords into Ubbersuggest or Keysearch.

You search Pinterest for inspiration.

Still, you're never quite sure what to write next.

Or you're not sure if your post ideas will bring in readers.

So you're not writing and publishing posts consistently.

You post when you can find the time.

Or when you feel inspired.

Maybe you're even a little afraid of what people will say.

And it's all keeping you stuck.

And you never seem to hit your traffic goal.

Now, let me ask you a simple question:

What if you had the right strategy laid out in front of you?

An intentional, data-driven content strategy customized just for YOU to flood your blog with targeted traffic.


A rock-solid mindset to actually implement your strategy every single day.

You could...

Establish yourself as an expert in your niche - fast.

Drive signups to your email list on autopilot.

Land those coveted brand deals.

Sell out your own products and services.

I'm here to tell you that all of that is possible.

But only if you're willing to claim it.

Only if you're willing to drop those limitations you've placed on yourself.

Are you done with feeling stuck and drowning in doubt when it comes to growing your blog?

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What Clients Had To Say

I enrolled for the Viral Content Accelerator program two years into blogging and have learned such invaluable lessons I feel like my blogging experience has only just begun. From shifting the purpose of my blog from a hobby to a potentially viable travel blog that people want to read to narrowing down on my niche and creating engaging content that people want to read. I cannot recommend this program enough; the one-on-one attention helps you identify what you need to grow your blog and the weekly sessions are curated for your specific needs. Whether you are just starting your blog or have been blogging for a while there is so much you can learn from this program. I have completely overhauled my blogging strategy and I am excited to see my blog grow.  

— Gloria Lihemo, Blogger, Mid Life Safaris

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this program and the attention that you gave me. I seriously appreciate it! This has been such a great challenge and I'm excited to see what comes of it!


— Katie Minahan, Blogger, Just Chasing Sunsets

My biggest achievement was getting a better understanding of my direction with my blog, What Do You Sea, and what I can do in the future to grow. It helped me get a clearer vision for my blog and help visitors understand what I write about as well.


— Aaren Prody, Blogger, What Do You Sea