Pinterest Traffic Takeoff

A no-fluff, step-by-step guide to driving traffic to your travel blog using Pinterest. 


What if your travel blog attracted thousands of engaged visitors and put money in your bank account every single day?

Not only can you achieve this, but you can do it without overwhelm.

(I know you're skeptical, but bare with me for a second.)

Okay, so which of these sound familiar?

  • Churning out your best travel guides and wondering if anyone is even interested. I mean, how many Europe itineraries does the internet need? 

  • Spending hours on Facebook share threads every week and getting a handful of clicks to your posts, if you're lucky. Hint: Facebook share threads are a massive waste of time!
  • Frustrated with editing and posting photos nonstop to your Instagram account, which isn't growing either. Hint: Instagram can grow your brand. Your traffic? Not so much.
  •   Tired of reading generic 'How To Grow Your Traffic' posts that provide vague advice and leave you more confused. Hint: stop reading them now. Like, today.
  • Unsure how to promote your blog posts like the bloggers who get 30k, 40k, or 50k page views a month. Hint: there's a smart system to grow your traffic, and anyone can follow it.
  • Wondering if it's possible to build a profitable travel blog that allows you to share your passion with the world while making money. Answer: yes it is!

Did you nod your head to any (or all) of the statements above?

Then, you're in the right place!

Here's what I know about you:

You have a burning passion for travel, and you want to show others how to discover the world. #wanderlust

You are bold enough to pursue the life of your dreams, regardless of what friends or family may say. #laptoplifestyle

You are committed to learning and doing whatever it takes to build a profitable travel blog. #hustler

I kn

But when it comes to getting people to read your blog, you feel like you're pulling teeth. Hey, I feel your pain. Not too long ago, I was swimming in the deep sea of traffic confusion. No freakin' clue how to get people to read the Spain travel guides and solo female travel tips I spent so much time writing on my travel blog, Somto Seeks.  

In fact, in the entire month of December 2017, I got a grand total of 42 page views. No kidding.  

When 2018 came around, I decided that something definitely had to change if I wanted to make an income from blogging. You see, I had quit my nonprofit job and committed to being a full-time travel blogger. I wanted to pursue a life of travel, freedom, and purpose. There was no going back so I rolled up my sleeves and started investigating how to drive traffic to my blog (and lots of it!)  

That's when I discovered Pinterest, and it changed the trajectory of my blog forever. First, I invested over $400 in Pinterest courses and coaching. Then I dropped Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and everything else that was taking up my time.  

Within 3 months, my traffic grew to 12k, and that was just the beginning. It kept climbing. There were some dips here and there (just for full disclosure.) But the overall trejectory has been upward.

Nowadays, thanks largely to Pinterest, I'm getting as much 78,000 page views a month to my blog. 

I don't publish 5 blog posts a week - more like 2-3 blog posts per month

I don't spend 3 hours everyday promoting content - more like one hour per week.

So what exactly do I do to get traffic without spending all my time writing and promoting content? It boils down to my Pinterest strategy, which I'll tell you about in a second.


Why Pinterest?


Okay, I know you've probably heard bloggers rave about Pinterest. You already have a Pinterest account, and you're trying to figure out how many times to pin in a day and what boards to pin to. But let's take a step back for a second: what exactly makes Pinterest such a great source of traffic?  

It's because Pinterest is a visual search engine that levels the playing field for bloggers. Unlike Google, it doesn't care about the age of your blog or the number of links you've gotten from other websites. It just wants to show relevant content to its 300 million users and help them discover new ideas.  

People go on Pinterest to discover new destinations, plan their vacation, find out what to pack, and more. In fact, travel is consistently in the top 10 most searched categories on Pinterest.  

This means that travel bloggers can get lots of traffic from Pinterest with the right strategy. Yet most travel bloggers either don't know how to use Pinterest or are using Pinterest the wrong way.  

Over the past 18+ months, I've experimented with strategies to drive traffic to my travel blog using Pinterest. Now, I want to help you demystify Pinterest once and for all. You'll master how to create AND properly promote click-worthy images (known as pins) that drive thousands of page views to your website, like these ones:  

 Pinterest consistently sends me 35k+ page views every month. That's more than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined!

With the traffic coming from Pinterest, I hit the 25k sessions requirement to qualify for the Mediavine ad network ahead of plan. I made over $600 in my first month with the network. That's 3x what I made during my 2 months with Google Adsense! 

I've compiled the Pinterest strategies that I've used to help travel bloggers double their traffic in weeks into a comprehensive ebook.

I get it: Pinterest can be overwhelming. Pins? Repins? Personal boards? Group boards? How does it all work? I break it all down in a way that's easy to digest - no jargon, no fluff. Through videos, illustrations, and detailed explanations, I will show you how to use Pinterest effectively to promote travel content

You'll notice that most Pinterest gurus blog about blogging or making money online. What works for them might not work for you. 

I've taken many Pinterest courses and tried strategies that didn't work for my travel posts. I want to save you from making the same mistakes! Travel is a different beast, and I'll show you how to approach Pinterest as a travel blogger.

So, what's included?  

This 125-page ebook is the most comprehensive guide to Pinterest for travel bloggers, based on tested strategies that work for promoting travel content. It explains in simple English the core components of Pinterest you need to understand to become a Pinterest pro - what I call the 5 P's of Pinterest. These are the components that lay the foundation for a successful Pinterest strategy:

- Profile

- Personal boards

- Pin design

- Placement of keywords

- Pinning strategy

You'll learn what to pin, when to pin, and how to pin to maximize traffic from Pinterest. In addition to mastering the basics of Pinterest, you'll also get specific tips to use Pinterest effectively depending on where you are in your travel blogging journey. 

After taking this course, you will not only have a system to drive traffic to your travel blog using Pinterest, but you'll also understand WHY you're doing what you're doing. No more guesswork!

When you enroll in the course, you'll get: 


14 chapters of actionable content

You’ll learn my entire Pinterest system from beginning to end, starting from the basics to the advanced strategies. This is actionable, step-by-step information to help you drive massive traffic to your travel blog with Pinterest.

9 video tutorials

You'll watch over my shoulder as I show you how to perform keyword research on Pinterest, create click-worthy pins, save your pins to Pinterest the right way, analyze your Pinterest Analytics, and more.

Lifetime access and free updates

I regularly check the course to see if there’s anything I can add or improve. You will always have access to the most up-to-date information and strategies. Pinterest is always changing so I'll make sure you're up to speed.

Let's take a look at what you'll learn in each chapter  

Ready to change things up?


Reviews From Students

"My blog will soon turn 1 year old and since the start I have been struggling with Pinterest. It didn't matter what I did or how many courses I bought, nothing seemed to work. I was even thinking that Pinterest is not made for the travel niche, and was starting to panic until I stumbled upon Somto and her Pinterest knowledge. After implementing her strategies, I immediately noticed my website traffic doubled. Pinterest finally started making sense and it was beautiful to see my chart go up every day. If you're a travel blogger and struggling to grasp Pinterest and to get traffic to your website, Somto's course will definitely be of immense help to you. I love how she explains and covers literally every detail of Pinterest, making sure there is no doubt left behind. Thank you so much, Somto."

— Ana Palombini, Travel Blogger, La Belle Society 

"I created my Pinterest profile awhile ago, but could not really understand it or get any results using it. But thanks to Somto, and her amazing Pinterest Traffic Takeoff ebook, it is all starting to make sense now. Her ebook provides so much content and all in an easy to understand way. I have just started to apply her strategies and I already got a notification on Pinterest that my new pin is heating up! That's so exciting! This guide is so complete that I believe it is all any travel blogger need to step up their Pinterest game!"

— Cristiane Ross, Travel Blogger, Cris in the Big D 

"Pinterest Traffic Takeoff is super easy to understand, actionable, and encouraging. Somto is an excellent teacher and pulls great insight from her experience. From keyword research to Tailwind strategy, Somto breaks down each aspect of Pinterest! If you're stuck or feeling frustrated, this comprehensive guide walks you through setting up your account for success to boost reach and drive traffic."

— Jenna Urben, Travel Blogger, The Urben Life

Want bonuses? You got them. 

Registering for Pinterest Traffic Takeoff will not only give you access to the ebook with video tutorials, but you’ll also get these five free bonuses!r free. Including…

7 click-worthy pin templates - I'm basically handing you a several of my viral pins! That way, you don't have to struggle to design your own pins and wonder whether they'll perform well.

A list of 50 high-performing travel group boards - there's no need to search for quality group boards to join! This will save you time and effort.

A private Facebook group just for students - you can share your pins for feedback and ask all your questions. I also have a monthly training, where I provide specific feedback to students in a live session.

A Pinterest group board outreach script - You'll get the email template I've used to get into 100+ group boards!

A 30-day free trial of Tailwind - you'll get access to the Tailwind scheduler to use when you're ready to automate your pinning.

The value of everything included is over $300, but you get it all for just one payment of $49. How sweet is that?

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Here's what more students had to say. 

"This is a fantastic resource and I LOVE that you do something with the chapter summaries as it makes it super easy to read. The content is great and I loved that you provided video and outgoing links that backed up the data you had. Your keyword tips were absolutely phenomenal. I already started implementing your keyword research tools to help focus my pinning. I also really loved that you curated a list of group boards that work for travel bloggers."  

- Jeana Marie, Travel Blogger, The Voyaging Teacher

"The "Pinterest Traffic Takeoff" is a must have for anyone who either struggles with or is new to Pinterest. I found the step-by-step guides and video tutorials extremely easy to follow and super helpful. I have already implemented many of the tasks on my Pinterest account and am excited to see the results on the traffic to my blog."  

- Lynette Vyles, Travel Blogger, Life Without a Roadmap 

"I highly recommend Pinterest Traffic take off to both new and seasoned travel bloggers who want to use Pinterest as a substantial way of gaining traffic and an audience to your blog.  

I have not seen another Pinterest course that is written with travel bloggers in mind. From tangible tips on how to position your travel content to do well on Pinterest, to successful pin design taught on video, Somto has not left anything out!  

The course is such a great value that I actually think it's underpriced!!  

 A detailed ebook that starts with the basics for beginners, but quickly gets into meaty more advanced strategies, this course is for every travel blogger who wants to do better on Pinterest." "  

- Ilana Schattauer, Travel Blogger, Life Well Cruised 

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So who's the Pinterest expert behind this course? 

Hi, I'm Somto! I'm a solo nomad and travel blogger who loves to tour castles and ancient ruins. I started my blog, Somto Seeks, in late 2017 to escape the 9-5 grind, share my greatest passion - travel - with the world, and become my own boss. 

Thanks largely to free traffic from Pinterest, travel blogging has become my full-time job. Now, I've worked with dozens of bloggers to grow their blog traffic using Pinterest. One of my greatest joys is helping others rapidly grow their traffic and achieve their blogging goals. 

But things weren't always this good. When I started my blog, I had no idea how to drive traffic to my blog or make money with it. In my first year of blogging, I made only $6,500. I felt lost, overwhelmed, and unsure about whether I could make blogging work for me. 

Since implementing the strategies in Pinterest Traffic Takeoff, I've grown my blog traffic to almost 80k monthly visitors, quadrupled my income, and landed lucrative brand partnerships and sponsored posts. I'll be speaking at Travel Con in May 2020.

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Frequently asked questions 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Who is this course for?

Pinterest Traffic Takeoff is for travel bloggers who have a beginner to intermediate experience with Pinterest. Maybe you don't have a Pinterest account yet and what to get started. Or you've started on Pinterest but haven't seen much success yet. This ebook is perfect if you're serious about using Pinterest to get 25k+ page views every month and make at least $1,000 a month from your blog.

Who is this course not for?

This course is not for anyone who is looking for a quick fix for low traffic. Growing your traffic with Pinterest takes commitment, hard work, and patience. If you put in the work, you will get results! This ebook will help you take the guesswork out of Pinterest and achieve results faster.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You'll also get all future updates of the course.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

What makes this course different from other Pinterest courses?

Pinterest Traffic Takeoff provides a step-by-step guide to promote travel content on Pinterest. You'll learn about specific types of travel posts to share on Pinterest, what pin designs work best, and which travel group boards to join. This is information you won't find in any general Pinterest courses. The ebook is based on 18+ months of learning, experimentation, and results that I've condensed to help you accelerate the growth of your travel blog with Pinterest.

My question isn't listed.

I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have. Send me an email at and I'll be in touch with you very quickly.

So you have two options...


Option 1 

You can keep trying to figure everything out by yourself, reading blog posts, and participating in Facebook share threads - doing what you've been doing and getting the same results.

Option 2

Get yourself a proven system to grow your traffic faster, increase your blogging income, and turn your travel blog into a real business.


Pinterest Traffic Takeoff combines my tested Pinterest strategies with a step-by-step system that has worked for many students. I'm condifent you'll love the course. But if you're not happy with your purchase, I will gladly give you refund within 30 days.

30 days? Yes, I want to give you time implement the strategies and start seeing results. 

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